This month, I’ve been practicing with the intention of curiosity.

While initially, curiosity makes me feel like I need to buy a new outfit from Anthropologie and spontaneously travel to Paris and be full of wanderlust, it doesn’t have to be.

To me, curiosity means stepping outside of my complacent routine to approach life with the mind of a beginner. It means switching things up and challenging your perspective.


Curiosity leads us to a mindful investigation.

I challenge you to embrace it.

You might think you already know someone, already despise something, already require something… but challenge yourself to think again. What if you were curious about what you already know? How can your curious state be refreshed through curiosity?


When we let ourselves be curious, we are forced to listen, empathize, and be mindful.

Start with these 3 steps towards curiosity…

  1. Take on a beginners mindset

    Observe with an open mind, as if you are experiencing things for the first time. Beginners have an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions. Check your expectations at the door!

  2. Challenge perspective through empathy

    Shift your view. Adjust your stance. Get to know someone new. Try a new food. If you think you already know everything, think again.

  3. Shake up your schedule

    Routine is one of those things that demands to be broken once in awhile.

Kate Oxler