Y O G A x K A T E



Gentle Flow Monday 8a - 8:50a Ritz Carlton Chicago

C2 Monday 8:15p - 9:15p CorePower Streeterville

RESTORE Wednesday 8:15p - 9:15p CorePower Streeterville

C1 Saturday 4:00p - 5:00p CorePower Streeterville

C2 Sunday 5:30p - 6:30p CorePower Streeterville

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I’m Kate and this is a space for us to connect and share
all things mindfulness, intention, and yoga.

The hustle of city life and working around the clock led me to my first yoga class in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado and my life was changed forever. I found that when given permission to turn notifications off and turn inward, I’m able to foster the best version of myself on and off my mat, too.

I believe in yoga and I’m here to share it!
Join in the fun at class or on instagram with @yogaxkate